Once, at Kashtan on Reitarska 9b, a chess tournament took place, gathering local grandmasters from all corners of Kyiv to measure their intellect on the chessboard.
Mr. Blue Cat and Mr. Raven remained the final players - the finalists of the "Nut with Condensed Milk" tournament, which was also the prize.
The game was intense and emotional, attracting all the local onlookers and even the devil himself, who watched the Fairplay closely, hoping someone would resort to cheating.
The chess pieces on the checkered board, resembling a finish flag, fell one by one, and the players, along with their kings, grew increasingly heated. The situation escalated, with sighs, whispers, and sobs filling the air.
Both sides attempted to decapitate the opposing king with checkmate, but neither could achieve this in the stalemate situation.
Raven and Cat were so engrossed in the game that they wouldn't yield to each other, and the prize's value became irrelevant as they were overcome by the thrill of the game, continuing to play until dawn. The others were served nuts with condensed milk alongside classic club mates to celebrate the tournament and the final draw.
However, there is a belief that if you visit Kashtan, you might see the Cat and the Raven still playing, unable to concede to each other. You can also purchase a print featuring the Chess Players, reminding you of that meeting of intelligent and stubborn athletes.

50 prints created using silkscreen printing
A3 format watercolor paper, 250 g/m² density
Numbered and signed by the Black Raven and the Blue Cat.
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