The story of the Godzyki Kid or How he was born on the fence to conquer the world

Hello, my name is Godzyki Kid. At first sight, it seems like a gray piece of concrete with the remains of outdoor advertising. But it's not like that, I will prove you.

My shaved creator will prove it to you.

Let's get to know each other better.

I came into this world to bring good, happiness, well-being and health.

And ready to conquer the world.

For example, a photo with concrete who created me.

And with my German friend.

I'm learning my roots from Japan to Ukraine.

I love sports, especially cycling.

I am able to stand confidently on the rocks.

My Dad.

My kind and beautiful Mom.

My mission is to protect people and cities from the hot days.

I am portrayed in different parts of the world.

I like to dream sitting on the docks.

I love my friends - they enjoy the life.

My world is where you are.

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