Circulation of Energy
There is haori made from vintage home-spun hemp originating from Poltava region.
Haori dyed with natural indigo, silk screen printed by hand, aged and repaired. Each haori has a unique set and degree of wear. In some places, there is a stippling, deliberate holes or pigmentation.

On the back of the haori are depicted three elements twisted into the "Tomoe" symbol, which resembles three commas twisted to the center and symbolizes the cycle of everything, the harmony of the world and the circulation of energy.
Haori (Jap 羽織) is a straight-cut, buttonless Japanese cape worn over a kimono and is part of the traditional Japanese style.
Tomoe (Jap 巴) is a pattern resembling commas twisting in the center of a curve, drops or magatami (precious beads) found in archaeological finds in Japan.
Also in Japan this symbol means circulation and defines the world harmony and circulation of energy.
Our goal was to achieve an authentic vintage look, to give the feeling of owning an heirloom that can be passed down to posterity. Therefore, each haori comes with a wooden box for long-term storage.
One of the haori is custom without a print, its tamoe symbol is created from pieces of fabric.
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