oil on canvas
Size 70 x 55 cm

Every dog has a master and they may never meet, Tom Hardy would say. But not for the master of life, for he has his abode, his means of transportation, and this legal dog who guards his two masks, the crazy townie and the one who needs to make important decisions and not depend on the outside world. The couch or comfy bed is the Mecca of brainiacs, where important decisions of technological progress and rational feeding of his Kane the kite are born. Being horizontal with the blue screen, this position allows him to accelerate his intellect to unimaginable depths, from the secret planets of the cosmos to the zombification of a cockroach by an emerald wasp.
A master of life is not born but becomes, and this path must be proven not only by his brains but also by his willful determination, which is the match for a freedom-loving man
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