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There are always arguments between adherents of different faiths whose religion tastes better, but when everyone is hungry, the Chief sits everyone down at one table and religion turns into a dinner party

In the small prefecture of Miyagi, a massive earthquake struck. A ten-meter tsunami threw a portal to land new technologies, with them the steel queen of Britain, Lenin the spider, and Froyd the toad. The Ebisu tribe, who live in the prefecture, quickly mastered these innovations and began to apply them to agriculture and engineering, but the desire to be the best created a conflict. So the horse got pedals and wheels, which the inventor Ildar made, and his competitor, the Paver-dog, began to hunt him down in holographic dogs. On the Ou Mountain line, a tin soldier tries to attack a hypnotic mother with bubbles while her son Momotaro catches an eel radio. Day by day the machines gain new improvements and the intelligence becomes more nimble, and no one knows where this will lead. One can only hope for Queen, psychologist, and leader of the proletariat.

COLLECTORS - the 6th story in the APD adventure series.
The night's chase ended with a successful morning for the Technokalosha's Gang. They were able to break away from the four-legged Volga of the Aesthetic Police while stealing a Papaver flower. Lurking in their secret lair, the purveyors of fantasy were discussing new plans to expand their collection.
The gloomy graphite room with its Demon Cabinet was filled with many rare items such as Santiago boots, Boxer's nose, Narwhal joint, Shmeowzer gun, Careerless ladder, and other trophies.
But most of all the collectors warmed their souls with a stolen flower, the very rare variety that should reveal the mystery of the universe and endow with a special power...

THE NIGHT CHASE is the 5th print in the APD adventure series.
APD, the Aesthetics Police Department, has been out of touch for two years.
After the Aesthetics Police Department was spotted by Radiosnake of the Technokalosha’s Gang, its wiretap failed miserably. Gang leader Podkoloshnik flew out of his hiding place in a flash, taking with him the stolen flower of Papaver, Radioseme, and Pan Tisak. They were in the Nosewagen 3000 in half a second, hitting the floor with their boot heels, leaving only dust in the nostrils of the four-legged police car.

THE SOURCE OF AESTHETICS is the Papaver flower. It is the subject of the third lost print in the adventures of the Aesthetics Police Department (APD).
There is a legend that this rare Papaver flower grows in the world of Poppium, which is inhabited by mysterious creatures. The flower's guardians, the mantises, and the onion angels protect it from the tasteless thistle.
The expressive and beautiful form of a flower in nature has a certain power perceived by the senses, and, having learned it, one can fall into a state of euphoria and trance, delight and bliss, catharsis and ecstasy. By choosing the beautiful or the ugly, the sublime or the base, the comic or the tragic, you become an organic part of the universe in the unity of its spiritual and material foundations, with which you remain inseparable

The Aesthetic Police Departments got a phone call. Come quiet and low bass belonged to someone who introduced himself as NO-ONE. He said that he had information about where the Technokalosha gang was hiding with the stolen Papaver flower.  
 Having made an appointment of the barbarisca BAR at 6;45am when the sun had completely stopped controlling the horizon the full complement of aesthetic police got were the fully staffed footwalker and immediately set of for available information. 
The bar was located a Watermelon str., a sugar district the area is not elite even opposite marginal and impartial to get into something. People were sitting inside the bar drinking was the bartender served them after mixing their secret ingredients. Flashlight immediately took a fancy to a mechanical dog and a spark was lit literally.
In the far corner sat an Asian-looking giant, with a strange glow emanating from him. He held out a piece of the map and introduced himself as the paper sculptor No-one. He pointed to the Japanese washi paper that the blue cop was holding, which was found in the collectors' house during the surveillance. The giant loved making origami cranes - with his huge hands he grabbed several sheets of Asian ornaments out of cop’s hand and disappeared like a hologram from a modern science fiction movie…
 The map that remained on the table offered a route to an abandoned observatory through a wild forest bestiary. Reassured, the aesthetes looked at each other and instantly filled the interior of their long body automobile, and headed on an unknown path led by a piece of luminous parchment.
Continuation of the series A.P.D. I printed the print POPPY FOREST (8th in terms of the plot), if you remember in the previous story (posts below), the aesthetics police obtained a map with the location of the stolen flower, which is in an abandoned observatory. But you can get there only through the forest, where our detectives were enveloped in a poppy dream, which, perhaps, will take them to a new world, opening new answers to the search for the Papaver flower, or leave them sleeping for a long time in this forest, shrouded in secrets.

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