Seller comets

One day a wizard came up with a machine that did the comet. It was a bit like a machine for cutting the broth, but in fact was not at all bulonorezkoy. In fact, it produced a comet. All what you want. Both large and small, with a common tail, and with a double, and yellow, and red - in a word, of all sorts. 
Magician went from town to town, from village to village, do not miss a single market, he wandered even at the Milan fair and horse market in Peronne and everywhere showed his car and explained how easy it operated. 
Comets jumped teeny-tiny and threads, for which they could be held. Then, getting up, they inflated to the desired size, but even the greatest control was more difficult than ordinary kite.
Every time a magician going around a big crowd, just the same as always gathers around the market trader, touted the car, which makes the world's thinnest spaghetti or herself peeling potatoes. 
People stared, shook their heads, but no one has ever bought even the smallest kometku. 
- Now, if it was a balloon, well, then another thing, - said any hostess with a basket on her arm. - And the comet! Yes, my tomboy such troubles'll do with it - does not unravel. 
- Yes, what are you afraid of? - exclaimed the wizard. - Where do you still buy this comet? Your children will be able to fly on it to the stars, you start from childhood to accustom them to the cosmos ... 
- No, thank you! Let someone else is flying to the stars. And my sit at home, that's your peace.
- Comets! These comets! Well, the incident! To comet ?! 
But no one wanted to buy any of the comet. 
Poor wizard, which for the time was not lucky enough to gain any lire, with such zeal skip breakfast, lunch and dinner, that in the end really began, as they say, skin and bones. One evening, when he felt like it there. like never before like he altered his machine produces the comet head in Tuscan cheese and ate it to the last crumb. 

Gianni Rodari
Drawing the sketch
Wall painting in the apartments
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