oil on canvas
size - 80 x 60 cm (decorated)
Fujisan spent a lot of time in the bamboo grove observing and learning from nature, he could distinguish every sound, every smell, every breeze that blew through the leaves. This is how he found peace and harmony in his life.
One day, when Fujisan was traveling through a bamboo grove, he found a young bamboo hare that was injured. Fujisan decided to help the hare because he had a deep respect for all creatures of nature.
He took care of the hare, learning new things about nature from him. He learned how to treat his environment with care and caution, how not to harm those who live next to us.
After the hare recovered, he became Fujisan's brother. Together, they continued to carefully observe nature and learn from it. And although Fujisan rarely spoke, his actions and behavior spoke louder than a thousand words.
So he lived in a bamboo grove, always in harmony with nature and helping those in need. And people called him "Sage from the Bamboo Grove".
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